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2014-07-11 05:24:11 by mellowDBG


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The BDS Monstaz are a group of young but seasoned HipHop/R&B musical artists with the ability to perform as a group or as solo artists. The group consist of Mic Apollo, Sir Blaze, and Rob Wil. Mic Apollo and Sir Blaze have performed together since middle school and Rob Wil added his soulful R&B sound in 2007. The BDS Monstaz thrive on freedom of expression through their music, their lyrics and their fashion. They write, produce, engineer, mix, record, and dynamically perform music that will reach the very soul of any audience. With hits titled Swaggy Swaggy, and We Don’t Give A F#@k (WDGAF). The group now hails from Texas but had very different beginnings as artists.

Aside from being a talented new up & coming group with their own sound fused with an R&B twist When you see BDS Monstaz they arent what you expect They back up that notion with their fashion sense so we here at That Raw decided to discuss fashion with them rather than music today.

ThatRaw : Where they get their style from?

BDS : It’s more of an expression than a style, reflects our personality and demeanor towards life. we just like to have fun, try different things and try not to get influenced by anything or anyone else around us. Basically just do us and have fun with it.

TR : How do they shop?

BDS : We don’t really shop in the mall or have favorite stores. We just see some fly shit randomly we think looks cool and we get it.

TR : Peoples response when they see them in public?

BDS : People usually just look at us like aliens but we also get a lot of good comments about our fashion which we appreciate more than anything.

TR : When did the fans start to pick up on it?

BDS : Immediately, its like we went out one night. Then the next time we went out we slowly started to see people trying to dress like us. Which is dope.

TR : What are their favorite designers or is it random?

BDS : Its defiantly random. we try to stay away from what brands are hot and what’s “cool” at the moment and just try to do us.

TR : Inspirations, who do you think is most fashionable in hop hop?

BDS : M.I.A is defiantly a juice god as we would say.. she’s defiantly an inspiration when it comes to style and being out the box.

TR : Which pair of Jordans are their favorites?

BDS : Can’t remember the last time we copped a pair of J’s but definitely the 13′s and the 11′s are always classic.

TR : What would you consider a fashion fail?

BDS : Definitely jean on jean outfits… We hate that shit and when people throw on a designer belt to carry their whole dry ass outfit.

TR : What era was hip hop at its peak with fashion?

BDS : Easily the 90′s3280434_140507062833_tumblr_n43dngcQsk1qjm60bo1_500.jpg


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